Cylindrical Grinding Services in Melbourne

Cylindrical Grinding Services

Over time, components and parts typically wear out and get replaced by brand new components. At Australian Surface Technologies, we are able to offer precision cylindrical grinding services which are able to restore worn components back to original standard at a fraction of the time and cost of sourcing or manufacturing a new component.

What is Cylindrical Grinding?

Cylindrical grinding or precision grinding as it is commonly referred to is an extremely effective way of achieving very accurate levels of precision machining with a high-quality finish. This is achieved by using high quality specialised grinding wheels on precision cylindrical grinders. The component which is either held between centres or a chuck, spins whilst the grinding wheel traverses the length of the component slowly removing material. This process gives us the ability to machine and restore worn and damaged components back to original spec, whilst ensuring that they are also running true and parallel with high levels of precision.

At Australian Surface Technologies, we are able to offer both surface grinding and external cylindrical grinding.

Our grinding capacities are:

  • 5,200mm between centres
  • Maximum diameter 750mm

Why Choose Australian Surface Technologies?

When you’re looking for a company that offers cylindrical grinding in Melbourne, make Australian Surface Technologies your first point of contact. We’ve established ourselves as a leader in the grinding of hard chromed parts, producing outstanding results with a very high level of customer satisfaction.

To enquire about our cylindrical grinding services or to make a booking, call us on (03) 9792 3012 or email


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