Hard Chrome

Hard Chrome

Hard chrome plating is the perfect solution fora large range of parts that are susceptible to wear and tear. The hard chroming process can be used to repair worn components back to their original factory specifications, or it can be added to brand new parts to dramatically improve performance and longevity. We provide hard chromium services for an ever-expanding range of customers throughout Australia.

We often receive phone calls from customers who mistake hard chrome plating for its more domestic counter-part, decorative plating which we unfortunately do not do. Decorative plating or bright chrome is the process which first involves the component being nickel plated, followed by a layer of chrome plating. This layer of chrome is extremely thin and its purpose is solely to seal and stop the nickel from tarnishing. This process is well suited for items such as wheel rims, door and tap fittings that only require chrome only for its aesthetic and decorative properties. Hard chrome on the other hand, is used to repair worn components back to their original specifications or enhance a components wear life and performance.

For a serious job done right, the hard chrome process cannot be beat.

Hard chroming is used in a wide variety of industries, including but not limited to:

  • Manufacturing
  • Agriculture
  • Mining
  • Earth Moving
  • Hydraulics
  • Pumps
  • Food

Our hard chromium capacities are:

  • Length 12,000mm
  • Max Diameter 900mm

We are the leaders in hard chroming with years of experience and practical know-how at our disposal. We know how important it is to get a job done right for long-lasting and reliable results. If you have any questions about our hard chrome process or to check if your specific parts are suitable, please feel free to contact our friendly, experienced staff today on 03 9792 3012.

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