Rust Removal

At Australian Surface Technologies, we have developed a process for chemical rust removal in a safe and non-destructive manor. It’s crucial to get on top of rust problems as they lead to the degradation of whatever surface they inhabit.

Rust can slowly form over time and will actively weaken structural integrity, which can lead to even more unnecessary repair or replacement costs. Our special rust remover is the answer to all your concerns and will assist in fighting back against the rot!

Not only does rust affect surface and structure, it can also be harmful if it comes into contact with cut or blemished skin that has been scuffed on rough surfaces. Our rust removal techniques will eliminate such dangers.

Once a surface is treated with rust remover, components are then ready to be painted, used in operation in the field or left for neat, pristine storage. This process is completely non-toxic, safe to handle, and will not affect previously painted component surfaces. This process is perfect for many products and metallic surfaces such as:

  • Large capacity items like single or multiple cast iron and steel components
  • Car, truck and earth moving machinery motor blocks
  • Housings with uneven elements

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